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Specializing in custom services including Treating Service Only (TSO), Reload and  Heat Treating (HT)

Treating Service Only (TSO)

We will pressure treat your lumber, a service we call TSO or Treating Service Only, with any of the three treatment chemicals we use; CCA, CA or Borate. We can treat nearly any product up to 50 feet in length and we will treat to the retention level of your choice. We treat all of our TSO orders to the same exacting standards and rigorous quality control that we use for our own product. Since the treatment process adds a considerable amount to water to the wood, some customers prefer, and some applications require drying after treatment.

Our two kilns allow us to offer this service also. We also offer two shades of brown color in our CA and CCA treatment, in cases where customers prefer something other than the green color of the copper based treatments.

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Learn more about the three chemical treatments we offer here.


Woods Run Forest Products has a spur access to Canadian National Railroad. We offer a reload service to unload carloads of your lumber and reload onto your trucks. We can also offer some trucking and some storage. Call us to discuss your needs.

The CN railroad offers the best rail delivery from the many mills in the Canadian Pacific Northwest, and our spur in Colfax is one of the few access points to that rail in the Lake States. With the exorbitant cost of switching rail lines, many of our customers find it cheaper to unload a car in Colfax and truck it to their yard or their customer’s yard than to switch the car to another rail. Combining our Reload service and our Treating Service is a combination that can work very well if the incoming lumber or plywood is destined to be treated.

Heat Treatment

Woods Run Forest Products is certified by Timber Products Inspection to perform heat treating of lumber under the rules of American Lumber Standards. The Heat Treating  process involves heating  lumber to a temperature that insures that no insect pests living in the wood or bark can survive. This is now required on nearly all international shipments that contain lumber or solid wood packaging (such as pallets).

If you export products in or on wooden crates or containers, or if you manufacture wooden packaging or dunnage for companies that export, the wood and/or packaging must carry a stamp indicating that it has been properly heat heated by a certified facility.

Woods Run offers Heat Treated lumber for these purposes, manufactured or remanufactured to your specifications. Or we can provide Heat Treating Service on your lumber or packaging,

Please call us to discuss any heat treating program or plan you might have. HT rules are complicated and foreign port inspectors are unyielding and beyond the reach of our influence. We want to make sure you have no problems when your product reaches a foreign port.

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