Producing the best forest products possible using local timber and local talent

Sawmilling Services

We harvest location pine plantations for our two sawmills on ten acres.  An abundant local resource allows us to harvest without abusing the environment and we can leave lots of trees behind to maintain the forest ecosystem. 

Load of fresh cut plantation pine for the mill.

Modern day chain saw.


One of the services we offer is custom sizing of nearly any product we produce. Need a special size lumber? Or an unusual sized fence post? We have designed our order taking/filling process to accommodate special orders in a way that the huge sawmills, or the big box retailers are unable to do.

We specialize in solid wood packaging. We routinely design and produce specialized items for the specific needs of large and small manufactures. While we do not manufacture or assemble pallets, we can work with you on things such as dunnage, pallet parts or blocking. And, of course, if it is for export, we can heat treat it to meet international specifications.

We have filled some amazingly weird orders. Submarine docking blocks for the US Navy is one example, made to very strict military specifications.

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