Producing the best forest products possible using local timber and local talent

Road and Bridge Constuction

We produce a full line of highway products manufactured and treated to state and federal specifications.

Typically highway construction products are treated with CCA, but we can treat with our alternate treatments if required. We can also produce custom Roadway Timbers for unique guardrail or highway fencing needs.

Highway Guard Rails

Our manufacturing line is designed specifically for cutting, drilling and framing guardrail products.

We provide Break Away guard rails to fit the MGRS Breakaway post pockets or to your specifications.


We stock Southern Pine 4 x 6 up to 26’, treated with CCA for use as sign posts. They are approved for use on all Local, State and Federal roadways.


We products decking and railing for snowmobile and pedestrian bridges.

We carry a comprehensive inventory of 3 x 10 and 3 x 12 for bridge decks, and many sizes of large timbers for bridge supports and framing. We can order nearly any size timber needed from our network of sources; local, Western or Southern, and treat it to meet your needs.

Turtle Fence

We recently filled an order for construction of a turtle fence to prevent pedestrian turtles from being struck by cars on a highway thru a swamp. The Wisconsin DOT, the contractors, and the turtles were all happy with our product.

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