Producing the best forest products possible using local timber and local talent

About Woods Run Forest Products

Based in Research

We have researched and tested every new chemistry the industry has proposed, using a miniaturized pressure treating plant we built specifically for trials of new chemicals. We currently use only chemicals that have survived the only true and reliable test of safety and performance, that is the test of time. We offer three different treatment options, each one has more than 20 years history of safe and effective use. 

In the 40 years that we have been treating forest products we have seen many changes come and go. Treating chemistry, treating standards, and regulations have all changed dramatically and will continue to do so. With our experience in the past and our eyes to the future, we are well versed in the old and the new so we can help you select the best product and preservative for your needs.

If a better treatment comes along, or if one of the recent innovations prove itself to our satisfaction to be safe and effective, you can be assured we will be the first to know, and the first to offer it to our customers.

What makes us stand out

Commitment to our Goals and our Customers

Woods Run Forest Products’ goal in 1978 was to produce lumber products that best fit the customer’s needs.That goal continues today.

Our goals do not include being the biggest or the cheapest, but to always try to provide the best value, the best information, the most help with product selection, and the highest customer satisfaction.

We are unwavering in our commitment to provide a product that lasts a long time in outdoor applications. But we also understand the need to protect our customer and the environment from hazardous exposures to chemicals. In staying true to both, we have resisted the rush to the new generation of treatment chemicals and lower retentions, because they do not perform to our expectations, nor provide the assurance of safety.


Our History

The history of Woods Forest Products can be traced back to 1970 when a college student on a summer trek thru the Rocky Mountain West became stranded with a blown up pickup engine in Franklin Idaho.  Needing to find work to earn a new engine, he applied at a logging operation and became introduced to, and enthralled with, the logging industry.  While operating an old McCullough chain saw and a Caterpillar skidder up in the mountains above Poison Creek, he abandoned his old vision of becoming a college professor for the new dream of a lifetime of logging. He stayed on long after earning enough to repair his pickup,   and surrounded by the whine of power saws, the clank of cat tracks and the crash of falling trees, he fleshed out a plan that became the roadmap to his future. 

Nearly a decade later Woods Run Forest Products became a reality, when the young logger and an electronics engineer  came together to design and build a pressure treating plan in the small town of Colfax Wi. Working with limited capital but considerable enthusiasm, they pulled together used equipment and erected a small building in a hayfield on the edge of town with a 4 foot by 36 foot treating cylinder. At first they treated only an occasional truckload of pole barn material from the western slopes where the dream began. Then they began peeling posts from local pine plantations. Their business surged when they added to the team a rock and roll drummer who was equally talented at drumming up business. As their markets grew, so did the local timber, and their product line grew to include bigger timbers and lumber. A sawmill soon became part of the operation. As the business grew, more treating capacity was added, another sawmill, and remanufacturing lines.

Four decades since those days on the Idaho mountaintop, Woods Run has stayed focused on the original vision: to produce the best forest products possible using local timber and local talent. The combination of our sawmill, reman and treating capabilities allows us to offer specialized and highly unique products to fill customers individual needs.  We have grown with the industry and with our local timber source, but we have stayed true to the original dream. Although we procure a significant portion of our lumber from Southern and Western mills, our first choice is always to work with local timber if it meets the customer’s needs.

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